Specializing in event marketing for some of the worlds leading brands; R.U.N Global look to create opportunities for firms to speak and identify with consumers and share experiences.


Fresh Thinking

By adhering to our company slogan, ‘the footprint of personalized branding’, at R.U.N Global we are committed to bringing our unique energy to the sales and marketing industry and are not afraid to push boundaries in order to deliver exceptional results.


Face to Face

Face to Face communication builds trust and is integral to meaningful customer relations. At R.U.N Global we firmly believe that good marketing requires good storytelling and that engaging stories are best told in person.


Breaking the Mold

With many of us now existing in digitally obsessed societies, we are making it our mission to bring the exceptional benefits that direct marketing brings to fulfil our clients’ event marketing needs.


Passionate Professionals

At R.U.N Global, our unwavering passion for direct marketing is what sets us apart from our peers. We believe in storytelling; providing unique, memorable customer experiences worth sharing with family and friends.

At R.U.N Global, our unwavering passion for direct marketing is what sets us apart from our peers. Many focus on the result but we have a stronger commitment and appreciation for the process as this is essential for providing a unique and memorable customer service experience worth sharing with family and friends from start to finish.

Nurturing New Talent

Our company is made up of extraordinary professionals who strive to be people of influence. We take great pride in cultivating the talents of the next generation of industry leaders. At R.U.N Global we develop professionals who have a desire to contribute towards making a difference internally as well as beyond the company’s four walls. We are determined to inspire passion and grit within all our leaders and empower them to transform their ideas into a reality.

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