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R.U.N? Global Discuss the Importance of Adaptability in Modern Business

In a recent interview, R.U.N? Global’s CEO Ibram Gaston argued that the ability to adapt to change is one of the most important routes to success in business. He stated that this trait is especially important when working in the sales industry, as no potential customer is the same and each one requires slight alterations in the pitch to capture their full attention.

Speaking from his own experience, Mr. Gaston is confident that when he first started in the industry, he utilized his adaptability to realize what sales techniques were working and those that weren’t and then using those that worked to maximize his sales. Moving forward, however, he would like each of his contractors to realize that being adaptable is important not only in sales but their overall professional development.

Through his firm ’s business development program , Mr. Gaston is confident he can tutor his contractors as to how they can become adaptable individuals. He wants each contractor to be ready to combat new changes in whatever business they attempt to establish. One of the key ways of becoming adaptable stems from one ’s ability to observe, analyze and listen to the situation at hand. He is keen for each of his contractors to become expert observers and offer their professional opinions as to how they or their team can adapt to the given situation.

Adaptability ties into the firm’s ability to tailor their approach to customer acquisition.  Mr Gaston states that the firm’s contractors should practice observing the demographic they are facing in the field and alter their pitch to suit those who they are facing. Mr. Gaston looks forward to having further discussions with his workforce to decode different ways in which they can become adaptable as they develop professionally.

However, while adaptability is important, he wants his contractors to realize the importance of consistency in performance. He is excited to see how his contractors balance versatility with the consistency of tone needed in a sales pitch. He understands that every encounter is different but also believes that the sales techniques he provides should be stuck to some degree, as his methods have been tried and tested over the past few years. Mostly, he argues that those who find the right balance between maintaining the firm’s pitching guidelines and altering them to suit the situation will reap the most reward.

With direct sales at the core of their business, R.U.N? Global hope their workshop on the importance of adaptability in a modern industry will help their workforce realize how important the skill is to perfecting their pitching style and in turn improving their sales results.

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