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Visualize – R.U.N? Global discuss it’s top tips for overcoming fear

As sales and marketing experts, R.U.N? Global understands the importance of consistent excellence in the sales field. With a new initiative in place, the firm is prepared to combat critical issues holding its staff back.

Speaking from experience, the CEO Ibram Gaston stated the following: “Recruits often feel a bit hesitant to throw themselves out there. This is quite common as this was the same for myself when I initially started this career path. I look to provide the same coaching and training that I was given to break out of my comfort zone but more importantly work towards maximizing my potential.” However, Mr. Gaston is confident the company’s workshop on visualization will provide employees with the ability necessary to conquer any fear.

Consequently, the firm encourages its employees to visualize everything that could go wrong through a series of exercises. While this may seem at first sound counter-intuitive, R.U.N? Global believes that this technique will enable its contractors to think of every possible plot that could go wrong, including rejection and discourteous customers, then find the appropriate solution to each one. For instance, with a sale rejection, the contractor might try to limit their emotional response and focus on creating solutions to overturn a “no.” By acting out different scenarios and coming up with alternative solutions, R.U.N? Global is confident that its sales team is ready to face the reality of being in the field successfully. This kind of thinking has been proven by a range of researchers to be a common trait of a variety of successful CEOs.

By visualizing the situation and working through a response, the firm is confident they are preparing their contractors for the realities of the field and giving them an excellent strategy to bounce back from failure if it happens. 

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