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R.U.N Global Inc. Host Workshop on the Importance of Knowing “Why”

Conducting a Google search for “knowing your why” generates a staggering 96, 700, 000 results. Florida-based direct sales and marketing experts, R.U.N Global Inc. held a workshop this week on the importance of knowing the why.

“Knowing the ‘why’ in everything you do is critical to find clarity, confidence and success,” argues Ibram Gaston, CEO at R.U.N Global Inc. The business owner contends that when someone discovers their why it allows them to unlock their full potential.

As a firm that are advocates of entrepreneurship, and who offers structured career paths to help aspiring entrepreneurs achieve their goal of becoming a business owner, they recognize that knowing the why behind everything someone does is imperative.

“Entrepreneurs work harder than most people, and unless people understand their why, then they can never fulfil their potential.” Commented Ibram Gaston, CEO at R.U.N Global Inc.

During the workshop, Mr Gaston covered the four main reasons people need to discover their why.

1/ Passion

Mr Gaston believes that when someone understands their purpose and why they are doing something, it enables them to find their passion and that passion acts as the catalyst to drive them to achieve their goals.

2/ Clarity

“When someone has identified their why they are able to overcome all obstacles in their path. When someone is clear about what they want, they give their total focus and attention to it, and they become unstoppable,” commented Mr Gaston.

3/ Motivation

“Motivation is the driving force behind every successful person and to achieve that motivation, it is important for people to know their why,” argues Mr Gaston. The CEO contends that when someone knows their why, it makes all the menial tasks easier to complete and hurdles easier to overcome. “The journey to success is a marathon, not a sprint, and when someone is motivated, they find it easier to stay on the course.” Stated Mr Gaston.

4/ Decision Making

One of the most vital reasons for someone to identify their why is the effect it has on decision-making. If someone doesn’t have a clear vision of what they’re working towards, it can impact decision-making. “Success is dependent on effective decision making. If you’re not clear on the end goal, you can find yourself wasting time on tasks that don’t contribute to the bigger picture,” commented Mr Gaston.

Specializing in event marketing for some of the worlds leading brands; R.U.N Global Inc. looks to create opportunities for firms to speak and identify with consumers and share experiences. CEO Ibram Gaston is passionate about helping people to reach their full potential, and the firm regularly holds educational workshops and seminars to assist their workforce to progress their business development.






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