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R.U.N? Global responds to warnings that we need to prepare for an automated world

R.U.N? Global specializes in direct sales and marketing and is a strong advocate for face to face sales tactics than digital methods. Although they see themselves as a modern company the firm sees themselves as modern, they disagree with recent claims that we need to prepare for a fully automated world.

This response has been prompted by a recent statement released by the McKinsey Global Institute, stating that robots will replace an estimated 800 million jobs by 2030 due to the cost-effective nature of automating “repetitive roles.” R.U.N? Global see a place for automation in the modern world but are firm in their position that the sales industry will remain unscathed by this technological revolution, due to the importance and effectiveness of face to face sales.
In a recent statement, the managing director, Ibram Gaston stated:

“Automated processes will always produce an efficient workflow and procedures for our partners to obtain results while also reducing expenses. Indeed this is still necessary. However, automation is robotic and superficial this will never provide a smile or feeling that a friendly face can induce. A feeling that is genuine and will turn your whole day around while leaving a lasting memory or experience that is worth sharing with your family and friends. Moving forward the two will have to co-exist as this is essential to never losing sight of our humanity and perspective as a society.”

He went further to outline how direct selling has been around since the dawn of civilization and isn’t looking to go out of fashion anytime soon. He argues that the timeless nature of direct selling stems from its effectiveness to business. Mostly, customers are more likely to develop a more personal relationship with a brand if their initial interactions with that name come from a face to face interaction. Mr. Gaston argues that a face to face interaction is far more memorable than an email, online advert or billboard as it provides the opportunity for a more immersive and interesting experience with a brand. As a result of this, customers are more likely to trust and remember a brand than if their journey with that brand came from other sources.

The firm is keen for their contractors to realize that their job will remain secure if they commit themselves to their sales role. At the core of R.U.N? Global’s business mantra is the idea that a contractor will get as much out of their role as they put in. However, this week they wanted to make sure their contractors realized that there is always a place for them as sales representatives in a world where a plethora of jobs is becoming automated.

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