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R.U.N Global Take Inspiration from Nike “Find your Greatness” Campaign

In 2012, Nike launched their “Find Your Greatness” campaign. Coming from a strong sporting background, CEO at R.U.N Global, Ibram Gaston resonated with the campaign, and he has used it as the motivation for one of the firm’s morning meetings.

The premise of the campaign is that greatness isn’t a gift reserved for a chosen few, but that everyone is capable of greatness. “Greatness is not born, it’s made.” Is one of the most significant and impactful voiceovers of the campaign.

While not everyone is blessed with natural born talent, the Nike campaign sought to instil the belief that greatness isn’t something that’s reserved for top athletes, it’s attainable for anyone who is willing to put in the hard work and dedication required to get there.

The adverts were targeting athletes, however, Mr Gaston believes that the message can be used to inspire greatness for people in every field.  At R.U.N Global they believe there are a lot of transferable skills between business and sports and that the characteristics and attributes that make a great athlete; work ethic, dedication, and drive, can be transferred into a business environment.

Before launching R.U.N Global, Mr Gaston spent seven years working with Miami Heat as an associate producer. During that time he was surrounded by top athletes including Lebron James, Dwayne Wade, and Chris Bosh. Working every day in that environment, Mr Gaston saw the number of hours they had to put in, the work ethic and commitment that was required to perform at the highest level. He also saw the obstacles they had to overcome when faced with challenges or criticism from naysayers and sometimes even loved ones. Speaking during an interview earlier this year, Mr Gaston said: “I believe this experience has given me a mental fortitude that I applied to my situation which allowed me to always compete at a high level with the endurance to be the last one standing.”

“Find Your Greatness” seeks to inspire people in their personal achievements, and Mr Gaston used that message for one of the direct sales and marketing specialists motivational morning meetings. The Florida-based firm holds a daily morning meeting with the objective to motivate and inspire their workforce to achieve maximum productivity. During the meeting, Mr Gaston played the Nike “Find Your Greatness” campaign and stated that average people do things on a daily basis to make them great. The business owner argued that greatness is about getting the small things right. “Small habits, repeated daily will lead to great things. You’ve got to do your best every second, minute and day to find your greatness.” Stated Mr Gaston.

Specializing in event marketing for some of the worlds leading brands; R.U.N Global look to create opportunities for firms to speak and identify with consumers and share experiences. Mr Gaston is passionate about getting the best out of people and inspiring them to achieve their goals and reach their full potential.

Source: https://news.nike.com/news/nike-launches-find-your-greatness-campaign-celebrating-inspiration-for-the-everyday-athlete

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